Dr. Bill Harris leads a training on Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Wayne and Mary's staff.

Omega-3 Training Led by Internationally-Recognized Expert!

Wayne and Mary's recently hosted a staff training on Omega-3 fatty acids presented by internationally-recognized Omega-3 expert and researcher Dr. Bill Harris! We learned all about the latest research on the wide-ranging health benefits of Omega-3s, from heart health to reduced risk of dementia to eye health! Dr. Harris is the founder of the Fatty Acids Research Institute and OmegaQuant Analytics. He is also a professor in the department of Medicine at the Sanford School of Medicine at USD. Dr. Harris shared with us the results of various studies--some of his own research included--as well as meta-analyses of numerous studies showing positive health benefits to long-term Omega-3 intake through foods and supplements. 

Wayne and Mary's staff is committed to on-going education so we can be a resource for you and for our community. Stop by our stores and ask us what we learned at our most recent training!