Continue Your Education in the Natural Health Field


Below please find links relevant to our pursuit of continuing education n the natural health field.


Keto Diet Myths

Dial in the Carbs

The Con of Going Keto



Cholesterol is Not the Culprit


New Hire Training Links

Section 1: Multivitamins

  1.  Dietary Supplement FAQs, Natural Products Association
  2. Supplement Facts: Your Supplement Questions, Answered!, Better Nutrition Magazine
  3. SUPP108: Multiple Vitamins - Bridging the Gap - NOW University

Section 2: Digestion

  1. SC07-1: Nutrients for Healthy Digestion, NOW University
  2. Taking Care of Your Gut, Whole Foods Magazine
  3. Probiotics, Pennington Nutrition Series
  4. Probiotics, Joe Dimatteo

Section 3: Cardiovascular

  1.  Browsing the Heart Aisle, Whole Foods Magazine
  2. Video - Cholesterol is not the Culprit, Dr. Sinatra (1 hour long)